I'll be ok

When everything is going wrong, And things are just a little strange
It's been so long now you've forgotten how to smile.
And overhead the skies are clear, But it still seems to rain on you
And your only friends all have better things to do.

When things are only getting worse
And you need someone to take the blame
When your lover's gone
There's no-one to share the pain
Your sleping with the TV on
And your lying in a empty bed
All the alcohol in the world
Could never help you to forget

When your down and lost
And you need a helping hand
When your down and lost
Along the way
Just try a little harder
Just tell yourself
I'll be OK

Postat av: etta

älska mcfly!

2006-12-19 @ 18:35:04
Postat av: Anonym

hehe kul att nån vet vilka dom e :)

2006-12-21 @ 21:42:02

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